Tidy Up your Workbench - Mike Powers

Cleaning up the mess you make is always a good idea. More clutter can lead to more mistakes. Here is a tip to protect your airbrushes. If you work in an unfinished basement room and the floor above you is in regular use the amount of dirt and detritus that can end up on you bench, in your cleaning water, paint, and yes your airbrushes can make airbrushing frustrating. If you use an airbrush saddle thingy the dirt can end up in your color cup and can lead to a clogged brush - or worse! So I have a few preventative measures that I take:

  1. Keep your water in a container that you can cover
  2. Cover your airbrush cups with cheap color mixing cups or something similar.
  3. Put a clean paper towel or piece of white paper down each time you start to work.
  4. If you use a spray booth clean it up before you begin. Dust, cobwebs, and animal hair can make a mess of your finish.

Below is a picture of a few of these precautionary measures I take. You can also dream up your own ways to keep your equipment in good working order