Make Your Own Insignia Stencils - Anders Quigg

Anders Quigg took an innovative approach to marking his Hurricane. It's not for everyone; but if you want realistic insignia on your model, you just might want to give this a try.


Scanning Your Decals
I've scanned the decals to use as a template, as well as a Montex masking set. The vinyl masks they provide don't conform well to curved surfaces, so I'm going to recreate some of them out of tape.

Rendering The Stencil Art
Using a vector illustration program (Inkscape in this case), I've traced out the desired patterns. I already have a set of pre-cut roundel masks from a while back, so I'll be using those for the roundels + insignias, but the principle is the same.


Here are the resized shapes loaded into the Cricut software. I have masks for the squadron codes, wing walkways, and some canopy sections.


After loading a sheet of Tamiya tape onto the cutting mat, a press of a button gives me crisp masks.*


The downside to this approach is that it can be difficult to properly position all of the elements; they aren't like decals that you can move around and position just right. I find it easiest to use the negative masks to lay out where the letters and symbols will be before applying the true masks over them.


Also, beware of overspray. Red and white paint have a habit of somehow getting everywhere no matter how careful you are.


White paint provides a foundation over the two-tone camouflage. Then, I start applying colors, going from lightest to darkest.


Once the yellow dries, I add the next ring of the roundel mask over it, and repeat until all of the colors are applied.


The End Result

With the markings represented by paint, you can mask over them, post-shade them, chip them, and other things that are difficult to accomplish using decals. In addition, as it's paint and not an adhesive layer, the underlying surface detail shows through perfectly, without the need for a few dozen coats of decal softener to get a reasonable compromise.


Cricut Explore One cutter, description and link:


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