Land Rover Defender R-WMIK-T/H TES - Conversion
Title: Broke Down and Ambushed

Hobby Boss - British Land Rover Defender WMIK
Accurate Armour WMIK-TES(T/H) Conversion
AC Models (New Zealand) - Figures
Accurate Armour - Carbon fiber antennas
Mission Models - .50 cal. empty shell casings
Passion Models - .50 cal. brass barrel
MIG Productions - Duffels and coolers

This is the Accurate Armour R-WMIK TES(T/H) 2008+ Update in 1/35th scale. Accurate Armor has made this conversion for the Hobby Boss Land Rover WMIK kit transforming it into a correct R-WMIK TES(T/H) Standard from approximately 2008 onwards. Vehicles of this type and from this era were fitted with MAPIK Armor, ECM Suite and High Level Air Intake.

This was a fussy conversion and I do not recommend it for the feint of heart. I had to do a fair amount of scratch building. I also had to put things together and tear them apart several times. The Accurate Armour directions were entertaining as always. I enjoyed the project and its challenges. The engine is wired and accurately hosed. The vehicle is thoroughly detailed and stocked accordingly. The paint represents a vehicle that has been exposed repeatedly to sandstorms. The paint is accurately depicted… chipped and abraded.

Terms: R-WMIK: Revised Weapons Mount Installation Kit
Depicted: Reconnaissance team - The Queen's Own Yeomanry - 2009 Afghanistan .