M1070 HET with M1000 Trailer and Wheel Loader

Accurate Armour - M1070
MIG Productions - Wheel Loader
Accurate Armour , PRO Art Models - Accessories and SINGARS Communication equipment
CMC , Accurate Armour, Alpine - Figures

This project took me awhile. Accurate Armor's kit it quite nice and a very good build. The MIG productions Loader is also excellent. Together the rig and it's load take up some serious real estate in my studio. I never could feel like I was done (still don't). I scratched the tractor's mirrors as I did not like the flat photo etched ones. I installed a Pro Art Models Singars radio set with appropriately wound cordsets for the mouthpiece. I requested paint patterns from Oshkosh and they sent them to me...under all that dirt is pretty darn accurate three-color camo. Major suspension components were epoxied, brass assemblies were soldered and everything else was super glued. I used Tamiya thinner and MIG pigments and my airbrush set very low to spit mud on the piece. Cutting and tinting all the windows was a bear! lots of trail and a whole lot of error. Even photographing the thing was a challenge because it is so big and detailed. Figures are CMK and Alpine. I wanted that 2002-03 look when some guys had older gear and some newer (body armor)