Waiting - Supplying the Resistance
France 1943

British Para - Warriors
French Resistance - MK 35
Simca Sedan and Bicycle - DES Kits
Building - Monroe Pardu
Accessories - CMK, Royal,Warriors

British paras slipped into France in 1943 and 1944 aboard Lysander aircraft. They brought radios, weapons and ammunition to the French Resistance. This scene represents a group of fighters with a British para; probably waiting to hook up with another group to disperse stores. The Simca was a little gem (I ended up building 2 more of them over time). The figures were outstanding. I printed the posters myself from various online sources. I soaked them in diluted acrylic matte medium and pasted them up. I feel this piece works because of the juxtaposition of tension and bored waiting - things might turn ugly if they are discovered before the handoff. Then again it could end up being a boring outing - who knows. I love the red bike.