M1151 Humvee - In Appreciation for Your Service

Bronco Models.
Legend Productions- Vehicle upgrade
Pro Art models - SINGARS Radio Set
DEF Kit - Resin replacement wheels
Live Resin - M19 Grenade launcher.
Legend Productions - Figures
Evergreen Plastic - scratch built component replacements
Vallejo Paint
Mig Productions - Washes and pigments

This piece was a commission tha a family wanted to give to their son who had returned recently from Iraq. As such the research requirement was quite extensive. From the truck, to weapons, camo, drone, color of the soil/sand, radio and communications equipment, grenade launcher, extra stowage and all. Little things like wiring the radio and careful rendering of the figures were greatly appreciated by the family. I had the great pleasure of presenting the odel to the young man here in Charlottesville, at a family dinner. Jeff had just finished his degree in Systems Engineering and was going on to serve at the War College. It was a touching moment when I gave it to him. Of the men depicted, one had died in Afghanistan recently so it was a bittersweet reminder of his men and their camaraderie.